Thursday, March 11, 2010

the skecth work

this is for Tiffany. she asked me to mix a white rose and a african violet.

First drawing on the blog site

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ms Misguided

She believe she going up town

More like going down town

Mainly because the type of people that she hang around

She started passing cups around

Now she passes her self around

her head is spinning round and round

So dizzy that she falling down

In a different beds every night

They make her feel so right

but study do her so wrong

but this lady nomadic

So she just packs up and moves on

Never getting smarter

So she easy prey to pounce on

Plus for her it's getting harder

Cause with her reputation

Leads to the implication

The you mess with her for one night occasions

and to get with her would be no need for celebration

But Ms misguided would gladly deny it

Knowing she will let any man willing to try it

Try it